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Woodendipity Style Animal Shaped Planter Boxes


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*  Handcrafted in weather-loving cedar and treated pine.
*  Have ample , self-draining planting wells.
*  Are authentically painted in exterior water-based acrylic paints, and clear-coated for lasting beauty.


Many of these Unique Garden Planters are Created or designed by Robert Dulong aka "Gepetto" of Woodendipity and have been Newly Updated and Improved

Fabulous Functional Fun Garden and Patio Animal and Bird Shaped Planters are sure to Bring Smiles along with Style to your Porch , Patio or Deck .. Great for Indoor use as well !
Designed as Unique Planters for indoor/outdoor plantings these Animal Shaped Planter Boxes can be be used as baskets for most anything you can imagine ~ from indoor magazine holders to poolside telephones and toys, hot tub or spa supplies ...  Any of the above and MORE ... Sure to bring viewer compliments and Endless SMILES!

Prices do not include s/h

Bassett Planter Box 

Basset Hound Planter Box
This fabulous full size Basset Planter measures 33" long,
12" wide and

23" tall from his feet to the top of his head.
Sporting a real leather
Dog Collar, he is truly Top of the Line

Classic Canada Goose Planter
Canada Goose Planter Box

The Canadian Goose is ubiquitous and beautiful. This classic Canada Goose planter is slightly larger than life-size at  approx. 26" L by 19.5" H head; Body 11" by 8"
Caution: do not deploy it near a wild bird flyway---unless you want visiting flocks to hover about!

 Layered side wings of 1 inch textured cedar over a contoured body of inch cedar head and neck of 2 Adirondack pine

Hanging Honker Canada Goose Planter


Hanging Canada Goose Planter

This ever-popular Canada goose is in flight. Spectacular life size ~ 35.5 L; Body  9.5" by 8" with layered wings 13.5" deep spreading to 16.5" wide angled off its contoured body. A flock of three hung at different levels is breathtaking!

Easy Assembly
Hanging hooks are installed
Chain not included
A dramatically Different Planter

Brown Pelican Plant Stand

$235 Add to Cart 

Woodendipity Pelican Planter

On legs and lovable---and about as close to having a real pet pelican as you'll ever get. Contoured cedar body with layered wings. Caution: At ocean-side settings it will attract pelican pals.
  • Truly life-sized at 24 x 22 x 11 inches
  • Life-like trimmings of brown, gray and white
  • Artisan sculpt head with button eyes

Hanging Pelican Planter

$255    Add to Cart  


Life-sized at 38 inches L x 22 inches D x 9 inches W with 16-inch lower wing spread---and so life like you can imagine the sounds of the surf! A flock of three hung at different levels is breathtaking!
  • Crafted in red cedar and rugged 2-inch pine
  • Realistically trimmed, then clear coated
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with eye hooks for easy hanging
  • Chain NOT included

Swan Planter Box

Swan Planter

Stately, demure and designed for lawn or tabletop display. A delightful discovery in the warmth of wood.
  • Contoured body with sloping double-layered wings sculpted in textured 1-inch cedar
  • Shadowed white trimmings with black accented edges
  • Orangey bill with black highlights
  • 21 x 18 x 11 inches
  • Very popular for floral designs

Mallard Plant Stand
(Select Standing or Hanging on order form )


Ducky idea for a Planter! Mallard Duck Planter box

Far more decorative than a decoy---and far more versatile. Classic, colorful and a bit larger than life-size at 27 x 16 x 10 inches in textured cedar and 2-inch rugged Adirondack pine.
  • Contoured body with layered side wings of 1-inch cedar
  • Academically trimmed in brown, white, green, yellow, blue and black
  • Standing Mallard Planter Comes with Feet that can be attached or left off  ... it is up to you!

 Mallard Planter ... Sitting

Hanging (Flying) Mallard Planter

Hanging Mallard Duck Planter$235


 Hen Planter's
Brown  or White


White Hen Planter
Too cute and totally at home in the city or country! Select either a lovely White Hen or beautifully painted Lil Brown Hen Planter Box

Pair up with Matching Roosters (shown below) for an adorable Country Decor Planter Set!
  • Crafted in red cedar and rugged 2-inch pine
  • Realistically trimmed, then clear coated
  • Easy assembly

Rooster Planter Boxes


 Rooster Planter Box Brown

  • Reminiscent of the famous Woodendipity Bantam Rooster ,  this NEW Bantam Rooster Planter available in White or Brownish Red is SURE to Please! 

  • Would look fabulous paired up with a Hen Planter shown above

  • Crafted in red cedar and rugged 2-inch pine
  • Realistically trimmed, then clear coated
  • Easy assembly

Bantam Rooster Planter in White ... woodendipity style planters


Beautiful and Unique Tropical Bird Plant Stand
Perfect for Bringing a little of the Tropics to your Patio or Deck
Use Indoors too

Flamingo, Great White or Blue Heron Planter Stands
Make your selection on the order form

All of our Hand made Animal Planters take 6 to 8 weeks due to the amount of orders we currently have. We do not offer refunds for any of our Hand made items. If your mailbox/purchase is damaged in during delivery , you must contact us (call) immediately so we can take the proper action with Fed Ex or UPS. Your mailbox will be picked up and a new one will be made for you. If you do not report the damage IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the package, this warranty is void.