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3 sided roof mount for cupola or gazebo

4 sided roof mount


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Great selection of Specific breed Dog Weather Vanes And MORE ... Farm Animal Weather vanes and a few Tropical Weathervanes !

There is even a CAT Weathervane for all our Cat Loving Friends!

These fabulous and beautifully detailed Animal Weather vanes are constructed of 16 gauge steel so they are nice and sturdy. The top of the weathervane pivots on a strong stainless steel pin. The wind-cups have a sealed ball bearing that will spin with the slightest breeze. The entire weathervane is covered with copper colored powder coat paint, 'Baked on Paint' for YEARS of enjoyment

We have both roof top mounts, a house side mount or a lovely GARDEN mount available to display your beautiful weather vane as you like! Wherever you decide to proudly display it, it will be a lovely conversation piece and enhance the beauty of your home or garden

English Bulldog weathervane

(English Bulldog Weathervane)

Browse thru the HUGE selection offered below and make your mounting choice from the drop down menu. Check out the mounts, dimensions, etc in the side bar to the right <-------

Dog Weathervanes $68.50 ( plus your mounting option )
You will make your mounting option selection from the pay pal menu ( click the arrow to see them all )
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If you don't see your breed .. let me know .. we may have it!

NEWEST ADDITIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHART , NOT in alphabetical order, so scroll all the way down if you do not see the breed you want right away
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Australian Shepher Weather vane Basset Hound Weathervane Bernese Mountain Dog Weathervane Bichon Frise weathervane
Australian Shepherd Basset Hound Bernese Mt Dog Bichon
Border Collie weathervane Boston terrier weather vane Boxer weathervane Bulldog weathervane
Border Collie Boston Terrier BoxerBulldog
Cavalier weathervane chihuahua weathervane Chinese Crested Weathervane Cocker Spaniel weathervane
Cavalier Chihuahua Chinese Crested Dog Cocker Spaniel
Collie weather vane Dachshund weather vane Dalmatian weather vane French Bulldog weathervane
Collie Dachshund DalmatianFrench Bulldog
German Shepherd weathervane Golden Retriever weathervane Great Dane weathervane keeshond weather vane
German Shepherd Golden Retriever Great DaneKeeshond
Labradoodle weathervane Labrador weathervane Lhasa Apso weathervane Maltese weathervane
Labradoodle Labrador Lhasa ApsoMaltese
Sheep dog weathervane Papillon weathervane Pomeranian weather vane Poodle weather vane
Old Eng Sheepdog Papillion PomeranianPoodle
Pug weathervane Rottweiler weather vane Samoyed weather vane Schnauzer weather vane
Pug Rottweiler SamoyedSchnauzer
Scottie weather vane Scottish terrier weathervane Sheltie weathervane , Shetland Sheepdog Shih tzu weather vane Vizsla weathervane
Scottish Terrier Shetland Sheepdog Shih tzuVizsla
Weimaraner weathervane Welsh Corgi Cardigan Weather vane Welsh Corgi Pembroke weather vane Westie Weather vane , West Highland Terrier
Weimaraner Welsh Corgi Cardigan Welsh Corgi Pembroke West Highland Terrier
Afghan Hound weathervane Alaskan Malamute Weather vane Pit Bull weathervane, American Stafford Pit Bull Weathervane Beagle weathervane
Afghan Hound Alaskan Malamute American Stafford  Pit Beagle
Blood Hound weather vane Bull Terrier weather vane German Pointer Weather vane Jack Russell Terrier Jack Parsons terrier weather vane
Blood Hound Bull Terrier German Pointer JRT
Mini Pincher weather vane Rhodesian Ridgeback weather vane Tibetan Spaniel Weathervane Don't see the breed you want?
Email me!
Mini Pin Rhodesian Ridgeback Tibetan Spaniel  

MORE Weathervanes for our Animal Loving Friends

Cat Weathervane, Tropical Animal Weathervanes and Farm Critters and MORE

Weathervanes $68.50 plus the mount option

Cat Weathervanedragonfly weathervanefish weathervaneDophins jumping weathervane
CatDragonfly FishDolphins
heron weathervane Parrot weathervane, macaw weather vane Pelican Weather vane Donkey Weathervane
Heron Macaw Pelican Donkey
Flying Piggy weathervane hog weathervane , pig weathervane Rooster weathervane Tennessee Walker Horse weather vane
Flying Pig Hog Rooster Tennessee Walker
Draft Horse weather vane Horse weather vane Saddlebred horse weathervane Horse weathervane Unicorn Weather vane
Draft Horse Saddlebred horse Quarter Horse Unicorn

Weathervanes $68.50 ( plus the mount option you would like) Type in the Name of the weather vane you would like and then click the Buy Now button to be directed to Pay Pal

mount options
Name of Weathervane


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