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We are husband and wife team, Susan and Bill Harrison and we are located in sunny Florida. We started this home based business in 1998 because we wanted to do our part to make America a beautiful place, starting with one mailbox at a time.  With a little imagination, wood and a bit of paint (and a lot of hard work) we can turn a plain boring mailbox into a work of art that you will be proud to own!  We strive to make and offer the best Novelty Mailboxes you will find anywhere! All of our Animal Mailbox designs are original. We are Animal Lovers, so naturally, the majority of our Unique Custom made mailboxes are made to look like different Animals ... some incredibly Realistic , some Whimsical.  Over the years, lots of folks have tried to copy our designs, but NO ONE duplicates our attention to detail, craftsmanship and HIGH QUALITY!!!

I ad NEW DESIGNS to my unique line all the time! We are currently working on adding an entire line of WALL MOUNT mailboxes. if you see a Post mount mailbox you like, but want a wall mount, please email me with your request and more information

The mailboxes are individually custom made after you order. We do not have any in stock. Many of the Dog, Cat and Farm Animal mailboxes can be custom painted like your pet. If you send a picture of your dog, cat, horse or whatever ... I can paint the mailbox to look like it. If you see one on the website, already painted how you like it, you can order it painted as shown!

The mailboxes are your Standard Rural Size and approved by the U.S. Postal Service.  I use #2 clear solid pine and coat the wood with Behr outdoor wood sealer/primer. Each piece of primed wood is then painted with outdoor weather-proof paint ... a minimum of 3 coats. Next, they get assembled. After the "Animal " is assembled,  we seal up all the screw holes and do the custom and final painting. The entire mailbox is then sealed with 2 coats of a super tough polyurethane varnish.

My husband and I enjoy our work and bringing smiles to faces of our customers and everyone who sees our mailboxes! I do all the designing, sanding, priming and painting.  My husband is the person who cuts out all the wood and assembles the mailboxes. The mailboxes are very securely put together!  You may have to put the head or tail piece on when you get it but all the screws, and easy to follow instructions are included.

YOUR POST  ... We STRONGLY suggest using a landscape timber or pressure treated 4 x 4 as your post which cost about $10.00 and are available at Home Depot or Lowe's. 

With many of the designs, you MUST use ONLY either a landscape timber or 4 x 4 as they will not fit on some of the "Mailbox Posts" sold in stores such as the style that has an arm sticking out on the one side.
Because so many of our designs have LEGS or TUMMY's, or TAILS, FINS etc etc  they will NOT FIT on the ARM on a mailbox POST.

FOR ALL of the DOGS, CATS, Farm Animal, Tropical Mailboxes, Wild animals and Garden Critters offer the option of purchasing a MOUNTING KIT which will make mounting your new mailbox to your post a piece of cake. It is specially cut and fitted to go on the underside of your mailbox and easily be attached to the TOP of the 4 x 4 . The mailbox is then securely attached to the mounting base piece with the bolts and bolts we supply

The mounting kits MUST be purchased at the time of the mailbox purchase.



Because each of my novelty mailboxes are Hand crafted and Hand painted, your order CAN take up to 8 to 12 weeks from date of order until delivery so your patience is greatly appreciated.  It all depends on how many orders we have when your order is placed and which mailbox you ordered. The MAIN pages in my site tell you what the current back log will be for the box you are interested in and the time frame varies thru out the year

We work on orders every day of the week .. yes .. even SUNDAY. Please understand ... it DOES NOT take up to 10 weeks to MAKE ONE MAILBOX .. when an order comes in , it goes on the Order Board .. we work on our way down the list in the order they are received and in batches of up to 8 at a time .. ALL the parts get cut out, sanded, primed, painted a minimum of 3 coats of paint, assembled and then all the detail or custom painting is done . Then each completed mailbox gets varnished with a few coats of the sealer, All of THAT takes TIME and all the paint has to dry  .. then of course they have to be carefully packed up and the shipping labels are created. The holidays are extremely busy for us so the back log increases.

I am asked all the time to RUSH and order or put it ahead of all the ones I already have on my list. I can't do that. It is not fair to everyone who has been patiently waiting for their order. I hope people understand that. These are novelty mailboxes .. they are unique.  They are art.  And there is a waiting list.


 If you wanted to order one of my mailboxes as a GIFT, we offer beautiful personalized  Gift Announcements  free of charge which can be emailed to you or directly to the recipient immediately. The Gift Certificates are printed on very attractive stationary specifically for the occasion and are personalized from you to the recipient and include a picture of the mailbox you are ordering. 

The line of Fish mailboxes are made by a friendly fisherman turned wood worker.

 Be sure to visit our NEW ANIMAL THEME GIFT SHOP for beautiful unique and unusual art, indoor and outdoor decor and Giftware for Animal Lovers!

Mailboxes and Stuff, LLC.  

Business hours 10 - 6  (EST)  M-F 

 (727) 214-2445