Thank you for your order

Thank you for your order

PLEASE READ ... here are the answers to most of your questions

 OUR CURRENT back log is now between 10 to 14 weeks FOR ALL OF THE ANIMAL MAILBOXES.  (dogs, cats, tropical, farm, garden critter and wild) We have been very busy !

When your order is placed, your order goes on our Order list . We work our way down our list as fast as humanly possible without compromising our high quality standards. There are NO exceptions to this backlog wait time so please refrain from asking me to rush your order or put it ahead of my other customers. That isn't fair  !

We are a small family owned and operated business and do not have ANY mailboxes in stock. Please understand ... It does not take a entire wait time (backlog) time to MAKE ONE mailbox .. At all times we have anywhere from 40 to 90 orders .. when a new order comes in, it goes directly on the "TO DO" Board. We may get as many as 5 orders on any given day ( prior to the holidays ) or 5 for the whole week.  Holidays are always BUSY

We work our way down our order board list as fast as we can ,,, cutting out, sanding, priming, and then painting etc ,, working on batches of 6 to 8 mailboxes per batch.

Each order is given the same attention to detail and art takes time folks ... especially since so many of the Dogs or Cat mailboxes are custom hand painted from pictures.

We use exterior high quality paint which takes longer to dry than your usual craft paint. Plus , we are in Florida .. the humidity plays into the dry time. All of the mailboxes get a few coats of paint and the final detail paint. And then a couple coats of the sealer.

The above wait time does NOT apply to the Woodendipity,  Fresh and salt water Fish or Copper mailboxes and Winchester Shot Gun Shells. I am a distributor for those mailboxes. See below for time frames on those mailboxes

The Woodendipity Style mailboxes ALWAYS take at least 6 to 8 weeks ... all the others ,,,  Copper Embossed, Graphic, Shotgun Shell and Dog Head etc mailboxes will take between 2 to 6 weeks at all times of the year .. holidays .. it could be longer. Email or call to ask if you have any questions about the back log. We try to keep the backlog updated on the individual web pages.

Bear in mind, all of the novelty mailboxes offered are custom made mailboxes .. none of them are premade and/or in stock (except the Brass and Shotgun shell mailboxes)


If you have ordered one of our custom made mailboxes and did not read the time they will take on the web site and decide you cannot wait for your order , PLEASE CALL me or email ~  I will issue a refund minus a $15 to $20 ( depending on the total of your order)  processing and cancelation fee. I am charged to process orders and again to issue refunds by the credit card companies.  The processing fee is based on the total dollar amount of your order.  727 - 214- 2445


 REMEMBER,  if it is for a gift and you want something to present to right away ... we DO offer Gift Announcements all year that we can send out to you either by snail mail or email .. more info on that here { Gift Cards} Call or email me to request one. I will make and send it out free of charge or it can be emailed to you

If you ordered a mailbox sign or plaque or any of the brass home decor items .. they too are all custom made after the order is placed and can also take 4 to 6 weeks. NO refunds will be issued for personalized items

If you ordered one of the Weather vanes. they generally ship out in about 2 to 4 weeks max.

YOUR CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED WHEN YOU PLACED THE ORDER . We have been doing business like this for over 25 years ( as do ALL of the unique mailbox distributors and/or CUSTOM made personalized item shops you may find online) .... we have to purchase all the materials, pay for the labor to cut out the mailbox parts, pay to have everything primed and painted ... therefore we get your payment before we do all that work.

 We do not offer refunds for any of our Hand made Custom painted Mailboxes or Personalized items.

If your mailbox is NOT custom painted like your Pet and/or personalized and for some reason you decide you do not like it, you must return it immediately (at your cost) and will be given a refund minus the s/h charge and processing/handling credit card fee charge if the mailbox is returned to us in perfect re-sellable condition. NO EXCEPTIONS ! YOU MUST CALL PRIOR TO RETURNING AN ITEM FOR AUTHORIZATION

Since I am a distributor for a few other folks who do this , NOT ALL will offer a refund. I have no control over whether or not they are willing to issue a refund.

 If your mailbox/purchase is damaged in during delivery , you must contact us (call) immediately so we can take the proper action with Fed Ex or UPS. Your mailbox will be picked up and a new one will be made for you. If you do not report the damage IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the package, this warranty is void

YOU MUST pack the damaged box up , very carefully , in the packing material it arrived in. Do NOT discard any of the packing materials. Fed Ex and UPS will inspect the damage and packing before they will honor a claim. W/O the packing material , the damage claim in null and void

Thank you very much for reading this and your understanding !! 


If you have ANY QUESTIONS .. please do not attempt to contact me thru the shopping cart email on the receipts. They are NOT monitored and it has come to our attention that many banks ( where you get your credit card statement from ) DO NOT update the contact information shown on your bill ,, therefore the phone number shown may be outdated or incorrect on your bank/credit card statement

PLEASE call me , Susan Harrison, ( owner) at 727-214-2445 Mon - Fri ... 10 am - 6 pm EST (Florida time) if you have any concerns or questions. I have an answering machine if I am out of the office and I WILL return your call


Email ME at

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

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