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Here is a list of ALL the different Dg Mailboxes we currently offer


American Eskimo
Airedale Terrier
Australian Shepherd
Basset Hound

Bearded Collie
Bernese Mt Dog
Border Collie
Bull Terrier
Cocker Spaniel

Doberman Pinscher
French Bulldog

Golden Retriever
Great Dane

Great White Pyrenese
Jack Russell Terrier
Labrador Retriever
Old English Sheepdog
Saint Bernard
Scottish Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog
Springer Spaniel
Sport Clip Poodle
Show Clip Poodle
West Highland



Our Specialty here at Mailboxes and Stuff are our Specific Breed Dog mailboxes. A lot of folks have asked if we can create more than one dog on a mailbox .. and now we can!

We can ad a specific Dog Breed "Head" to each side of a mailbox for you .. even 2 DIFFERENT breeds!

Check out ALL the different DOG MAILBOXES we offer to select one or two different dog heads added to a solid steel white or black mailbox.
 Ad your house number add for FREE !

Shown below are a couple samples

Custom painted Australian Shepherd Head

Custom painted Shetland Sheepdog Head

Perfect for people who have more than one dog that they love and want to feature one on each side of their mailbox! You can also purchase with a single dog breed .. one head is attached to each side of the same breed

Great gift idea! Browse thru the Dog mailbox pages to see ALL the different breeds currently available.

Goldendoodle Head

Goldendoodle head on black mailbox


If you would like ONE of the dog heads to be custom painted LIKE your DOG .. and the other standard painting .. select ONE custom painting

and if you wish for BOTH heads to be custom painted .. select the option for BOTH heads custom . THEN you email us a picture of your dog/s for painting to

At the END of the ordering form , you will find a TEXT box where you can TYPE in the breed/s you would like featured on your mailbox.

Confused ,, Any questions , just call or email us!

Starting at $125 including FREE house number added to both sides and paw prints

plus s/h 

You do not have to have your house number added , that is an option we offer. Let us know if you do want your house number , in the TEXT box at the end of the order form , along with any other specific's for your order

The regular size boxes measure 19 Long x 8 3/4 tall x 6 3/4 wide

The larger size boxes measure 21.25L x 7W x 9H inches

For most dog breeds, I do not need a picture. The head will look like the ones shown on the post mailboxes.

Recommended: If you are ordering a dog head that you want custom painted ,
 send me by EMAIL a clear picture of your dogs face ! Preferably an OUTDOOR picture and GOOD profile shot.

custom dog head mailbox

custom dog head mailbox

Irish Wolfhound Head on Mailbox

golden retriever dog head on mailbox German Shepherd dog head on mailbox

Dachshund on Mailbox

Dachshund on Mailbox custom

Beagle custom painted on large mailbox

Custom painted Beagles on large mailbox

custom Beagle on Large mailbox 2

If you have questions don't hesitate to Call or Email


Mailboxes and Stuff, LLC.   

Business hours 10 - 6  (EST)  M-F 

 (727) 214-2445


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